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Since 2005, Lindsay has also been a volunteer mentor in his spare time with Leaders of Tomorrow, a flagship leadership scheme for young people aged between 14 -18 in Peckham, South London.

In that time, the scheme has had many great successes, including young people from the scheme winning scholarships to some of the country’s best private schools (Westminster and Winchester), students applying to Oxford and Cambridge, winning places at Kings College, LondonWarwick and Sussex universities and winning prestigious and highly competitive City internships and apprenticeships.

Leaders of Tomorrow is essentially an “anti MTV Base” scheme, which means that it is unashamedly anti “ghetto grammar”, anti “pimp roll”, anti baggy jeans, hoodies, baseball caps and any other pernicious accoutrements of bling culture which we feel are holding back young people. Our aim is for the young people to confound, not conform to stereotypes.


Our mission is to help young people achieve their academic and social potential, to broaden their cultural horizons beyond the limiting confines of SE15 and to try and help them develop a fully-functioning moral compass.

With a weekly vocab slot, a focus on reading aloud and the importance of good communication, inspirational guest speakers from all walks of life, regular trips to the National Theatre, the Young Vic theatre, the British Museum, the Tate, the Globe theatre and other cultural arenas, along with visits to Oxford and Cambridge and to empowering leadership conferences in America, we aim to get our young people out of the debilitating spiral of the poverty of aspiration which can afflict so many in inner-city environments.


Through a combination of discipline, tough love and perameters, together with passionate commitment and a close-knit, family atmosphere, we seek in our weekly after-school meetings to help our young people grow in confidence, maturity, to take themselves seriously, and thus to get taken seriously by others, to improve their school grades and to learn invaluable lessons which will prepare them for success in later life. 

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