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Lindsay has written opinion pieces for The Evening Standard, The Times, The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph, together with Prospect and The Spectator magazines. He also writes regularly on matters cultural for The Root in the USA.

Be it on volunteering at a homeless shelter at Christmasin praise of Dead White Men, the dire state of Black British theatre (aka the Theatre of the Ghetto), the lack of black undergraduates at Oxford Universityhomophobia in reggae music, the dangers of street slang and “ghetto grammar”, the riots of summer 2011macho gang culturethe Haitian earthquakewhy Hamlet doesn’t need a hip-hop soundtrackTommie Smith’s infamous salute at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, Muhammad Ali at 70violence against womenmixed-race Britainif we’ll ever have a Black British PMwhy we shouldn’t listen to young peoplelife in the townships on the Cape Flats, the prospect of a Black James Bondrehabilitating Rambo, on being Coloured and ProudSizwe Banzi Is Deadon using the word niggardlythe South African photographer George Hallett, on the casting of a black Iago, on the Exhibit B  exhibition, on Cape Townian novelist Alex La Guma’s And A Threefold Cordon visiting a school on the Cape Flatsa letter to the city of Cape Townon Jamaican-British photographer Charlie Phillips, on diversity in the British media and the Arts, on why Rhodes Musn’t Fall, on the 50th anniversary of the destruction of District Six in Cape Townon starting a theatre trip program for young learners from a township school on the Cape Flats“decolonizing the canon” or bemoaning the dearth of ethnic platelet donors , the real Cape crusader, why Alex La Guma needs to be commemorated with a statue, on why Cape Town airport should be named after the Black Dickens or The Black Blood Donor Crisis, Lindsay is not afraid to tell it like he sees it.

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